Cut your cocktail calories with these simple tips!

I don't know about you, but when it comes to summertime cocktails ... I live for the super sugary and fun (but calorie packed) ones! Give me all the over the top frozen ones that are going to give me a headache within the hour! posted this article with tips from registered dietitians on how to cut down on the calories while enjoying some delicious cocktails.

These were a few of my favorites:

  • Use a gut-friendly mixer like a kombucha with your alcohol: Personally, I love Health-Ade's Tropical Punch and Pink Lady Apple flavors (you can pick them up at Trader Joe's and Target)
  • Add real fruit instead of sugary syrups: I usually toss a lemon and lime wedge in my vodka sodies to make it seem like I'm having something fancy
  • Make a Bloody Mary: tomato juice (make sure it's actually made with REAL tomato juice if you're using a mix) has an antioxidant in it that helps support heart health (plus you can pack it with veggie garnishes to snack on!)

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