Here's how much having a kid will cost you

For the record - I am NOT anti-kid. I love kids ... who aren't mine. Being an "aunt" to so many of my friends' kids makes my heart so happy, but I know for me right now, it's just not the time. And heck, it might never be the time! But I'll forever strive to be the cool aunt that spoils every one's kids while raising two cats.

Raising a child is the hardest job of all, and I give all of the parents out there so much credit for being so selfless with their lives and trying to give them everything they can. After seeing these numbers, I have even MORE respect for parents .... because these kids ain't cheap!

A Value Penguin report claims that a two-child household will cost a little over $250,000 (on average depending on where you live) over the 18 years parents are responsible for their kids. They're also reporting that it costs about $14,000 per year per kid.

Do you think these numbers are correct??? They seem right to me, but it's still a hard pill to swallow!!!

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