Traveling Post-Pandemic: What's Safer: Flying or Driving?

As we start moving past the COVID-19 pandemic, some people have started looking at taking a vacation. Let's face it, there are quite a few people who have already taken them, too!

So, when it comes to traveling "post-COVID," do you feel safer flying or driving? According to Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, driving allows you to have more control of your environment and the people around you.

Mercury News mentioned that more than 500,000 people went through TSA checkpoints on June 11th - which was quite the jump since the pandemic started to shut things down in March.

Whether you're flying or driving, you should wear a mask to help reduce risk. That includes when you're on a plane, going through a drive through, etc...

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Pexels: Gratisography

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