We finally have an answer on Tony Soprano's last scene on "The Sopranos"

Truthfully, I didn't watch "The Sopranos" when it was on HBO, but years later I binged it and if you haven't .... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! It's one of the greatest TV shows of all time, and now I kinda want to rewatch it after this news came out.

The creator, David Chase, was recently interviewed and accidentally mentioned "the death scene" as the last scene in the series (oh come on .... even if you haven't watched the show, you've DEFINITELY already heard about this controversial scene! That's like getting mad at me for telling you Jack dies in "Titanic").

So there ya go! Tony Soprano dies at the end of the beloved series. Debate - over.

Now - start binging the show this weekend ... that's an order!

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