Want to Lead a Better Life? Have Kids...

Want a better, healthier life? Have kids...I guess!

According to a survey conducted by Mary Ruth's Organics, three in four parents didn't care about their personal health...until they had kids. This can range from more exercise to cutting back on alcoholic beverages. Respondents said they gave up things like unhealthy snacks, as weel as late night outings or all nighters, too.

In addition to the whole healthier thing, these parents started saving more, too, and locked down a steady job! They literally became "adults" as soon as they found out that they were having kids. Here are the biggest takeaways. Click here for the full report - it's actually really fascinating!

Activities parents give up

  1. Eat junk food: 60 percent
  2. Pulling an all-nighter: 52 percent
  3. Substituting snacks for meals: 51 percent
  4. Forgetting to drink water: 51 percent
  5. Skipping meals: 50 percent
  6. Eating too much starch: 48 percent
  7. Only drinking sugary drinks: 47 percent
  8. Not getting enough sleep: 40 percent
  9. Drinking too much alcohol: 37 percent

Lifestyle changes upon parenthood

  1. Stopped going out late: 48 percent
  2. Made serious efforts to save money: 42 percent
  3. Got a steady job: 37 percent
  4. Saved to buy a house: 36 percent
  5. Cut out irresponsible friends: 34 percent
  6. Make regular doctors appointments: 32 percent
  7. Reading ingredients on food labels: 29 percent
  8. Moved out of a city: 26 percent

Methods to be healthy

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetables: 55 percent
  2. Exercise regularly: 54 percent
  3. Drink more water: 41 percent
  4. Take supplements/vitamins: 41 percent
  5. Keep a steady sleep schedule: 41 percent
  6. Enjoy treats in moderation: 39 percent
  7. Buy organic: 35 percent
  8. Check food ingredients: 34 percent

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