Tips For Going Out To Eat Post COVID-19, And What To Expect.

When was the last time you ate inside a restaurant? It’s been so long for some of us that we can’t remember, but that's changing as many of our great restaurants start to reopen their dining rooms to customers.

According to a new Zagat survey of more than 7,000 diners, 93% of those people plan to wait more than three weeks before returning to going out to eat.

One thing to keep in mind when you finally feel comfortable and venture out; going out to eat won’t be exactly like it was before. Many health and culinary experts say we should still be cautious.

Here’s what they recommend when dining at a newly reopened restaurant.

·Don't dine with people you don't live with -It's best to eating with only those you would normally be spending time within six feet of or anyone you wouldn't need to wear a face mask around.

·Don't show up with symptoms, even mild ones

·Don't forget to do your homework - Get familiar with the CDC’s recommendations so you know what proper safety precautions restaurants should be following. Also check out your local government’s health authority website to get information on regulations in your area.

·Don't just show up - Restaurants are operating at anywhere from 25-50% capacity. Since they can’t serve as many customers at a time, you probably can’t just show up and expect to be seated right away. Instead, call ahead and see if you can make a reservation.

·Don't stay too long and don't be impatient - The longer you’re in a communal space, the higher your risk for coming in contact with coronavirus. Eat and get out. This also helps the restaurant to turn over and potentially serve another guest.

·When it comes to food, sharing is no longer caring - This means if you want to split a dish with someone, ask your server to have the kitchen do it before bringing it to the table. CDC has recommendations about this at social gatherings as well.

·Don’t forget to tip - It’s always important, but if the service was excellent and you can afford it, now’s the time to tip generously.

Source: Today

Image Credit: Pixabay

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