"Dad, How Do I?" : Man Creates How-To YouTube Channel to Help Young Adults

We've all done it or had a call come our way, "Mom/Dad, how do I (insert adult chore here)...?" Rob Kenney of Washington realized that not everyone has a mom or dad to turn to - he realized this from his own experience based on the fact that his dad left him as a teenager.

SO - he decided to take matters into his own hands to help these people. Being a father of two, he told PEOPLE that he decided to create a YouTube page on how to handle all of these adult problems: "Dad, How Do I?"

Whether you're changing a tire, tying a tie or fixing a running toilet - he wants these young adults to become self-sufficient...and he's really good at it! His videos have gone Viral, and he's only had the channel for a month or two!

According to MSN, he's releasing a new how-to video every Thursday and a tool-focused video every Tuesday. And don't worry - like we mentioned - he's a dad, so he's also good at offering dad jokes throughout these videos!

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