These Essential Oils are Best for Sleeping

Do you find your mind running at night? Have you not been able to sleep just because you're always thinking about your to-do list? Or maybe, you really just can't fall asleep!

We've all been there!! Think about when you walk into a spa and how you instantly relax - usually it's because of the serene sounds (or lack there of) and the scents that go along with it. According to Shape, "Essential oils have been studied for their potential to easestress and anxiety, among other benefits—and those relaxing qualities might make essential oils useful at bedtime."

So, why not add Essential Oils or something similar to your nighttime routine? But - not EVERY scent will put you at ease. If you're looking for additional help...try one of these:

  • Lavender - apparently it can impact sleep duration and quality in a positive way! This is probably the most popular one to use.
  • Chamomile - We always hear that chamomile is a great tea to drink before bedtime. It can increase body temperature, so it kind of eases that tension you might feel.
  • Sweet Marjoram - A relative of oregano, this herb is one of the best essential oils for sleep because it contains several compounds to relax (linalyl acetate, linalool and a-pinene...if you know what any of that means lol)
  • Valerian - This is a root that has been used to treat insomnia for quite some time. I guess it's not the most pleasant scent, however.

Click here to learn all the science-y stuff behind the oils.

Image from Pexels: Mareefe

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