"Is it Safe?" - Experts Rate Risks of Summer Activities

We snagged a list of summer activities that NPR rates from high risk to low risk (click here for the article).

After two+ months of quarantine, people are ready to get out. But the question is - are we comfortable to get out doing our "normal" things? NPR asked several infectious disease and public health experts to identify which summer activities are deemed "high risk" or "low risk." Obviously, you make the decision whether you take part in any of these things - and make sure to do so safely (wash ya' hands, wipe down common surfaces, etc...)

According to Dr. William Miller of Ohio State University, the panel looked at time, space, people and place when determining the risk-factor.

"Here's his rule of thumb: The moretimeyou spend and the closer inspaceyou are to any infected people, the higher your risk. Interacting with morepeopleraises your risk, and indoorplacesare riskier than outdoors."

Let's get to the activities:

  • BYOB Backyard Gathering with one other household - low to medium risk
  • Eating indoors at a restaurant - medium to high risk
  • Attending a religious service indoors - high risk
  • Spending the day at a beach or pool - low risk
  • Outdoor celebration such as a wedding with more than 10 guests - medium to high risk
  • Using a public restroom - low to medium risk
  • Letting a friend use your bathroom - low risk
  • Going to a vacation house with another family - low risk
  • Staying at a hotel - low to medium risk
  • Getting a haircut - medium to high risk
  • Going shopping at a mall - varies
  • Going to a nightclub - high risk
  • Going camping - low risk
  • Exercising outdoors - low risk

Have questions as to why some of these are graded the way they are? Click here for the analysis, as well as how to lower the risks.

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