You're Grilling Wrong! Here's Why...

Memorial Day Weekend is the unofficial start to the "grilling season" if you haven't been grilling already! Well, we found out there are a ton of common mistakes that we're making (according to this article from The Healthy).

Here are just a few of the things we might be doing wrong:

  • Not cleaning the grill properly and just firing it up! Check for any damage that might have occurred over the colder months.
  • Not checking your hoses and gas tanks for leaks and refills
  • Using an old grill brush because there are so many injuries that can happen when those bristles wear out and so many germs that spread from something that's not cleaned often enough!
  • Not preheating your grill! Charcoal and gas need to preheat for about 15 minutes to reach 500 degrees. You don't want your food sticking!
  • Throw in some stuff other than meat! You can grill pizza, vegetables, fruits and so much more!
  • Make sure to use the direct method of grilling (closer to the heat source) for foods like steaks, chops, vegetables because they only need a few minutes to cook. Anything that takes more than 25 minutes should be cooked indirectly (farther from the heat)
  • Charring your food! Don't cook at super high temperatures!
  • Not using foil packets to blend flavors (this will change your world - even for something as simple as grilled smores!)

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