Crayola's launching a new crayon line that represents all skin tones

(Thumbnail photo: AnthonyfromPexels)

As a white woman in this world, I take for granted all of the things I have that are my skin tone. A lot of times, there are way more shades of make-up readily available that would benefit a white person versus a person of color, and same with "nude" clothing (underwear, bras, pantyhose, etc) that really is just a representation of a white person's skin. Really think about it the next time you buy something that's for your skin tone .... how many are ACTUALLY represented?

That's why I thought it was really cool that Crayola is doing this. They are releasing a 24-set of crayons called "Colors of the World", and there will be crayon colors that kids can use to draw themselves or other people with varying skin tones.

Crayola has partnered with MOB Beauty so they can accurately include everyone with the new crayon colors.

This new bunch of colors isn't available yet, but you can sign up for an email list that will alert you once they're available.

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