There's a Wine Holiday Coming up! Would you try a subscription box?

National Wine Day is a thing, and it's almost here! It's on May 25th (Monday) every year, so this year, it obviously falls on Memorial Day. While Memorial Day is important to honor, maybe you could change the actual date to celebrate wine day on Sunday (since you have Monday off and can sleep in a little, too!).

If you're trying to get more into wine because you're kind of unfamiliar with what to look for - or maybe you're a wine-buff and looking for more recommendations on wines you've never tried before - might I suggest a wine subscription box?

Women's Health Magazine came out with a list of great options for you to dabble with! As far as I'm concerned, I feel like a wine subscription is probably one of the subscription services I'd (Shan) be more likely to use because even if you don't drink it all, you can always bring a bottle as a great host/hostess gift for a dinner or holiday party or give it away as a gift in general!

I'm going to start things off with a locally based one that's fairly new (2014), so not a lot of people know about it:

Bright Cellars

Created by two MIT grads with a passion for wine, the Bright Points algorithm scores each wine by comparing 18 attributes to your preferences, matching you with your monthly experience. Women's Health Magazine says it's great for those who have decision fatigue.


This is great for wine newbies! It is by far one of the more popular orders, as well.

Blue Apron Wine

This works best for two people based on the fact that Blue Apron is a meal kit! They'll send you what's great to pair with what you're cooking.

Martha Stewart Wine Club

Martha Stewart has her own wine club and surprisingly enought: it's for the budget-conscious wine lover! I love that you get an "introductory box" of Martha's choosing, too, so you can sample your options!


I love this idea...I've seen it and wanted to try it when I was first starting out with wine but never got around to it! This wine subscription is for picky drinkers - but you'll be able to try the wines before you actually buy them! You get wine testers, and after that, you can choose which ones you want to buy full bottles of.

Dry Farm Wines

We are in a world where there's something for everyone - and I guess, this subscription is best for Keto dieters! The wines are sugar-free and lab-tested for purity.

Plonk Wine Club

Plonk is a great subscription service for people who want to drink organic and biodynamic wines without herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or added sulfites.

Vintage Wine Merchants

This subscription service is great for wine lovers that are looking for a great value! They have lots of different options as far as memberships go, so you can choose what works best for you!


Are you a big camper? Like to spend days at the beach and prefer a nice glass of wine rather than beer or seltzer? WineSociety is based off of canned wine

These are just a few options that this article suggests. Click here to get the full list and start indulging!

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