Meghan Patrick wants to lead the way for other women to sing what they feel

Meghan Patrick is my guest this week on my Women Crushing It Wednesday podcast on our free iHeartRadio app!

She's a Canadian country singer-songwriter who now lives in Nashville. I started listening to her after first hearing her duet with Teddy Robb "Really Shouldn't Drink Around You", and I really like her song "Things I Shouldn't Say" (which we talk about the "raciness" of the song in this episode, and I'll include the song at the end of this blog for you to listen to).

Meghan is currently dating Mitchell Tenpenny, and I asked her if she's converted him to be a Buffalo Bills fan yet (which we are both died hard fans of!). We also talked about the difference between radio stations in Canada and here, how quarantine life has changed her perspective on getting ready, and her stops in Wisconsin.

Listen below, or search for Women Crushing It Wednesday under Podcasts on iHeartRadio!

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