The difference between Cleaning wipes and Disinfectant wipes

The other day, I stopped at Target and I was so excited to see some cleaning wipes on the shelves. I was almost out at my house, and I like to keep it pretty clean which is hard to do with 2 maniac cats (shout out Sharknado and Olivia Wilde real quick). Basically, I could have cried I was so excited (and they were a kind too that was perfect if you have cats due to its ingredients).

I told my girl Shannen O I found them, and she left work to go pick up a canister herself (it was limited to 1 cleaning item per customer) for the studio.

Well today, Ridder discovered that they were actually cleaning wipes, NOT disinfectant wipes. I had no idea there was a difference, and after taking a non-scientific poll with my friends, a lot of people didn't know this was a thing.

I found this from on the differences between the two. Basically a cleaning wipe cleans surfaces of germs, but doesn't necessarily kill the germs. A disinfectant wipe, however, kills the germs and prevents new nasty things from forming. If you want to clean something with a disinfectant wipe though, that won't always do the trick (i.e. something sticky like juice is spilled, it won't completely clean that up and it could still be sticky... but the germs will be killed so there's that?).

You're checking yours now, aren't you?

If you're out of disinfecting wipes, check out this video on how you can make them at home!

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