John Krasinski & Steve Carell celebrated "The Office" 15th anniversary

Wow ... can you believe "The Office" started in the states 15 years ago?!

John Krasinski has a new, fun web show called "Some Good News" (his daughters even made the logo... how adorable is that?!) and he showed a picture of himself as Jim with the signature haircut from 15 years ago. He invited a special guest, Michael Scott errrr- Steve Carell, to join him virtually!

John talked about how he continued to wait tables when the show started because he wasn't sure it would last. I love how Steve's wife, Nancy, was there to assist with the set up of the camera (she was also his realtor on the show!).

If you don't want to watch the whole video (which you should .... the stories will warm your heart!), you can fast forward to the 5:45 mark where Steve joins the conversation on one of America's favorite shows of all time.

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