The 7 hottest guys on "Gilmore Girls" ranked!

My friend Katie came to visit a few weekends ago, and I couldn't believe it when she (who is extremely quick witted and funny) said she had never watched an episode of "Gilmore Girls"!

I used to watch the reruns with my college roommate/BFF Heather on the regular, so it would have been a disservice to Katie if I didn't introduce her to the show immediately.

After starting the show with her, I decided I would just keep watching it all the way through. There are 7 seasons all together, and it's funny to see the shift in technology from the start (2000).

I started to notice how attractive all of Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory's (Alexis Bledel) boyfriends are, and decided to put up on social media the question: "Which dude was the hottest?"

After carefully gathering all of the data from my wonderful friends on social media, I put together this list.

#7 Tristin Dugray (Chad Michael Murray)

I'm not going to lie to you - no one mentioned Tristin when I asked who was the hottest BUT - I felt like he needed to be included because CMM was such a heartthrob once he left the show for "One Tree Hill". In my opinion, his character was extremely arrogant and annoying, but I understand why Rory had a very, very small soft spot for him because he had so many issues and she wanted to try to help him at times. We've all been there - and then we come to the realization that some dudes are just big old d-bags.

#6 Dean Forester (Jared Padalecki)

Don't get me wrong, Dean is handsome. But I feel like Dean didn't stand out too much. Yes, he was the best first boyfriend any girl could have, but he didn't have much of a backbone most of the time (I've gotten to the part in my binging wear he starts to figure out that Rory likes Jess. Heartbreaking for Dean, but great for us because as bad as he was... most of us became obsessed with the rebel character of Jess). Dean, in my opinion, is the equivalent of picking out vanilla ice cream when you're little. You don't have too many choices, so you go with the safe bet until you realize there are other flavors out there like the GOAT - Cookies & Cream (aka Jess).

#5 Max Medina (Scott Cohen)

Max Max Max. What a dreamboat. I have to say (and my friend Rachel also commented with this), I didn't realize what a fox Max was until I rewatched his episodes as an adult. He was smart, handsome, and so charismatic. Unfortunately, he just wasn't "the one" for Lorelai. We all screamed at the TV "WHY WHY WHY?!?!" when she called off their wedding, but let's be honest folks ... we ultimately knew who the perfect dude was for our girl Lore the whole time. We'll get to that later, of course.

#4 Christopher Hayden (David Sutcliffe)

Christopher has one of the greatest smiles ever. It's warm, it's comforting, it sucks you in... til he's ready to take off. He was always the one that we could see Lorelai settling down with .... if he ever stuck around. Or got his life together when she needed him to.

We've all had that guy in our life that would JUST be so perfect, and then *insert "if..."*.

#3 Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia)

Ok, I had to put Jack Pearson to the side ... and not let him sway my opinion (along with everyone's online). He is completely different from the character of Jess on "Gilmore Girls", but it's still hard to separate the two when Jess gives that side half-smile that looks so good on Jack Pearson and that fake greyness they put in his facial hair.

Anywho .... Jess was the bad boy who read books. He got into trouble, but he was also too smart for his own good. Jess flirted (and stole things) to get into Rory's head and heart that in the long run made her choose him over Dean. Sad - but we all get it. Remember that ice cream comparison? THIS was the vanilla that kicked it up a notch with cookie pieces.

#2 Logan Huntzberger (Matt Czuchry)

I went back and forth, back and forth .... Logan or Jess for #3 and #2. Well here we are. It was a tight race, but after seeing Logan in the "Gilmore Girls" revival, I felt like he had to squeeze by Jess. He was the rich dude who couldn't choose between his family and his love for Rory. I won't spoil the revival for you, but it's clear that he will always love her and will do anything (even though it's pretty freaking shady) to just be with her. His hair was always on point (we gotta get a little shallow, right?) and that smile from ear-to-ear was pretty darn attractive.

#1 Luke Danes (Scott Patterson)

Ok come on ... you KNEW it had to be Luke, right? He's been there since the beginning, and we KNEW deep down he had to always be there. Luke and Lorelai are the ultimate #couplegoals. They started off as friends who would be just about anything for each other, and they ended up being life partners who fell in love with the other's imperfections. Our girl Lore is a lot to handle, but Luke embraced her "flaws". That's all we could ever want in a partner, right? Someone who puts up with our crap, but knows we're worth it.

Also - homeboy looks downright sexy in a baseballcap and flannel.

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