Peeps has created scented nail polish just in time for Easter

I'm such a slacker when it comes to my nails, and to be honest with you ... my hands resemble those of an 82-year-old man. HOWEVER - this new nailpolish just might motivate me enough to do them at home. And it's sold at Target too - BONUS!

Peeps has created scented nailpolish just in time for Easter, and the scents include strawberry marshmellow, grape marshmellow, vanilla marshmellow, green apple marshmellow, and cotton candy marshmellow.

All 5 are in a kit that's only $4.99 - so I am all about that cheap price too!

And if you missed it - Peeps also came out with Crocs if you're not into painting your nails but still want to get into the candy-filled holiday spirit (those are a little bit more expensive at $49.99 a pair).

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