Madison is one of the best places for St Patrick's Day celebrations!

St Partick's Day is right around the corner ... are you ready for some green beer?!

It's one of my all-time favorite holidays because in my hometown, Buffalo, it's a BIG DEAL! It warmed my heart to see my city make the top 20 ... #8 to be exact!

According to WalletHub, the #1 city to celebrate your Irish'ness is Chicago. Madison made the list at #16 too! I've also celebrated in Syracuse, NY which was only a couple spots ahead of Madison.

Some of the factors that went into compiling this list was the amount of Irish pubs/restaurants, the price of a hotel on the weekend, and the weather forecast on that day.

Here's the full list of the best places to celebrate St. Patrick's Day:

1. Chicago, IL

2. Boston, MA

3. Philadelphia, PA

4. Pittsburgh, PA

5. Tampa, FL

6. Naperville, IL

7. New York, NY

8. Buffalo, NY

9. Cleveland, OH

10. Cedar Rapids, IA

11. Las Vegas, NV

12. Denver, CO

13. Omaha, NE

14. Syracuse, NY

15. Boise, ID

16. Madison, WI

17. Lincoln, NE

18. Kansas City, MO

19. Fort Collins, CO

20. Henderson, NV

Honorable mentions: Milwaukee was #29 and Minneapolis was #24!

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