Carrie Underwood's Son Thinks She is 70 and Her Job is to Do The Laundry



Kids say the darndest things — especially Carrie Underwood's son Isaiah.

The country star shared a fill-in-the-blank worksheet titled "All About My Mom," and it was filled with some great information the four-year-old believes to be true about his Grammy-winning mom. For example, did you know that Carrie likes to eat salad? Or that if she had free time, she would like to ride horses? The more you know!

But the best part of what little Isaiah had to say about his mamma is that he believes she is 70 years old (about 34 years off from her actual age), and that her job is to "wash the laundry." So to recap: No, Carrie Underwood's occupation does not revolve around creating music or performing it live on tour, or designing gorgeous active wear, or writing books, etc. — her job is to do the laundry. And apparently, she's really gifted at it! One of the lines reads "My mom is really good at..." and the toddler's answer was "folding laundry." Carrie, what's your secret?!

Underwood shared her son's "All About My Mom" quiz on Instagram and wrote in the caption, "Soooo...apparently I'm 70 and I'm really good at doing the laundry."

Carrie has been spending a lot of time with her family, and recently shared adorable family photos of their ski vacation in Vail, Colorado. In one post on Instagram, she shared a photo of Isaiah and her husband Mike Fisher on the slopes, writing along with the sweet snap, "My lil' ski bums..."

In another post, she said, "The past few days have been wonderful! They were days full of incredible skiing, laughs, a few falls and fellowship. We got to watch the kids try new things and succeed...and we even did some of that ourselves!"

Vacation well deserved!

Photo: Getty Images