Things You SHOULDN'T Wear On A Plane

If you don't debate if you should "look cute" or "be comfy" on an airplane, I envy you. I always wonder how those women walk on with heels and dress pants...and then I realize there are actually travel brands that create dress clothes for like three hundred bucks for a pair of pants.

I always go for that "comfy chic" look, and it usually ends up looking like I just rolled out of bed and moved into the my freshman college dorm...

Reader's Digest came out with a list of what you SHOULDN'T wear on a plane to make TSA a breeze and you to be at ease:

  • Jewelry or bulky accessories - no one wants to wait for you in the TSA line take off and put your jewelry back on (reminder - Milwaukee is one of the only places with a space to actually put your stuff back on)
  • Anything tight - Our bodies tend to feel larger than they are when we fly because you're causing yourself to sit for're going to be adjusting yourself the entire flight with tight clothes!
  • Uncomfortable bra - self I right, ladies?
  • Skimpy clothing - Once again, you're going to be adjusting yourself, reaching for your bags, getting up for the bathroom, not to mention, PLANES ARE COLD.
  • Perfumes or Colognes - You're just causing a headache for everyone else. Double-up on the deoderant
  • High heels, flip flops and slides - Once again, I don't know how people do this, but what if an emergency would occur and you would need to jump out of the plane...not so likely, but what about this: you're late for your flight or connector and have to run: VERY likely.
  • Bulky Jackets - I always struggle with this one. I try to leave enough room in my carry-on to shove my jacket in at the last minute, but the last thing we want is to get too hot on the plane and have to sit on top of my jacket the whole flight

There you go! Do you have a go-to travel outfit?

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