Popular Downtown Milwaukee Vegan Restaurant Closes

I am SO unbelievably bummed about this one!!!

Urban Beets, one of my favorite places to eat in Milwaukee, has closed down. It's last day open was this past Monday, but good news!!! The Tosa location is still open!

I LOVED their taco bowl (the "meat" was walnuts but tasted just like ground beef... MIND BLOWING), and I'm sad that I can't go right down the street to get one or one of their delicious juices too.

As stated from Urban Beets:

"Over the last few years, the efforts towards making it work significantly negatively impacted our health, our friendships, and our time to enjoy life.After 4 years of operation downtown, we leave it with a heavy financial loss.

"With all of that, we have no regrets, save those that we have for the employees of our downtown store – who we've offered to help as best we can. Bottom line, we still believe in the mission, and we believe we brought forward great food, a great experience, and helped some people along the way to live a better life. We're grateful for that opportunity – we're immensely grateful for your support, and hope to see you in Tosa soon."

See their full statement below from their Facebook page.

Thumbnail photo: Ella Olsson

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