Shan was on TV for a Cheese Curd Crawl!

Thanks to friend of show, Eric, who's also on our sister station, 95.7 BIG FM, I was able to fulfill a Wisconsinite's dream: go on a cheese curd crawl! Eric is a host of Discover Wisconsin, a show that highlights all of the coolest parts about our lovely state. He asked me if I wanted to do an episode and usually, I'm not a huge fan of doing anything TV-related because it takes a LOT of patience which I'm not the best with, but when he told me it was for cheese curds, I was ALL IN.

How'd it work?

We went to three different places with three very different personalities of cheese curds: Iron Horse, Black Sheep and 42 Ale House. While eating nothing but curds (and having a few beers and a glass of wine), we had to judge them based on dipping sauces, stringiness of cheese, color and a few other characteristics.

You might ask, "Well Shan, which one was your favorite?" Here's the thing... I didn't have one! It's really hard to compare all of them when they were so different.

Iron Horse - classic cheese curd with my favorite dipping sauce: ranch. Their ranch is homemade, too!

Black Sheep - what an odd idea that you might question at first, but it was good! The cheese curds were coated in pancake batter and dipped in maple syrup. I'm telling you, just try it.

42 Ale House - Very good cheese curds with a GLUTEN FREE option...yes, I said it. Gluten free. And they were really good. Plus - chipotle ranch for the dipping sauce!

You can get the play-by-play and curd breakdown by watching the video:

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