Kaitlin Sharkey of FOX6 gets real about reporting and relationships

Kaitlin Sharkey, one of the great sports reporters of FOX6 here in Milwaukee, and I have been trying for awhile now to schedule a time for her to come in. Spoiler alert: it was worth the wait.

I warned Kaitlin when she walked into the studio that I didn't want to do a fluff interview with her - and asked her if it would be ok if we got a little deeper with the questions. Girlfriend was totally up for it - and I applaud her for being so real about every question I threw at her. It was refreshing having someone in who didn't already know how they were going to answer every question, and could just be relaxed and cool about it all.

We talked about being a female reporter in the sports world that is dominated by men, and how hard it is to balance a serious relationship with her hectic (but fun!) schedule. You can follow her hard work here on Instagram and Twitter.

Listen below, or search for Women Crushing It Wednesday on our free iHeartRadio app under podcasts.

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