Little girl gets birthday surprise on Southwest flight

Over the weekend, I went to Florida to see my Buffalo Bills beat the Miami Dolphins. On my way back Tuesday, I had a flight from Tampa to Milwaukee, and something pretty adorable happened.

I was sitting in my aisle seat when I noticed a flight attendant walking with a very excited little girl. They got to the front of the plane, and the flight attendant made an announcement that it was the little girl's birthday. They turned down the lights, asked us to hit our call buttons so there would be little blue lights glowing for her to "blow out her candles with", and her brother lead us off with singing Happy Birthday.

They even made her a crown with bags of pretzels! I was pretty jealous about that I'm not gonna lie....

If that's not the cutest thing you've ever heard happening on a flight, or doesn't make you want to always fly with Southwest, I don't know what is/will!

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