The 7 best songs that feature country artists (LIST)

I have to say .... I am LOVING all of this crossover lately with pop artists on country songs, and country artists on pop songs. I started out my radio career on a Top 40 station, and now I'm in country, so I really just appreciate a good song - regardless of genre.

I posted this up on my Facebook page - and got some great responses! So I wanted to put together a list ranking them that's strictly based on my opinion and the amount of responses per song.... so here goes!

#7 - The Chainsmokers & Kelsea Ballerini - "This Feeling": This song is SO underrated, and is one of my favorite work out jams of all time. Kelsea totally kills it!

#6 - Pink & Chris Stapleton - "Love Me Anyway": Is there anything Pink can't do?! I love her fun songs from back in the day like "Get The Party Started", but songs like this one showcase her range beautifully. Stapleton's bluesy voice compliments hers so well too. I'm glad some country stations, like 96.3 Star Country in Madison, is starting to play this one too!

#5 - Marshmello & Kane Brown - "One Thing Right": Kane Brown's voice on this one just sounds SO right. I think he totally killed this one. The beat is infectious, and the hook is a total ear worm.

#4 - Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton - "Say Something": This song didn't do great on mainstream radio AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY BECAUSE IT'S SO INCREDIBLY GOOD. This is the second time Stapleton makes the list - and I just love the soul from both of them on this song. Bonus: The video is really freaking cool too.

#3 - Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line - "Meant To Be": This song was an absolute SMASH on both pop and country radio .... and a lot of people didn't realize that this is actually a Bebe song, and it's featured on her album "Expectations".

#2 - Zedd & Maren Morris - "The Middle" - It was nominated for 3 Grammys last year, and rightfully so! Maren got to jump on this one after beating out Demi Lovato, Elle King, Bebe Rexha (also featured on this list) and many more amazing female artists. IT. IS. A. JAM. FOVEVER.

#1 - Nelly & Tim McGraw - "Over and Over": I remember WAITING by the radio in high school to hear this one..... it just had to take the top spot on this list because I feel like it was the first time (or so that I remember) we got to witness a total smash of a crossover. Nelly, the rapper, with cowboy hat-wearing Tim McGraw? The song shouldn't make sense, BUT IT DOES! AND WE ALL STILL LOVE IT!

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