Score an Etsy Gift Card for the Holidays

Etsy is one of my favorite places to shop because I feel like the gifts seem much more personable. The only bad thing is, if you get something can't return it. So, obviously, keep that in mind!

THE GOOD NEWS: If you're an avid Etsy shopper like me, or if you're a newbie, Etsy has come out with a really cool tool this year: a holiday hotline!

That's right! You can get personalized shopping advice from an Etsy representative during the busiest season of the year, so you can find the PERFECT gift for the most difficult person to shop for. The hotline will be open from 11AM-2PM every day at 1-844-9900-JOY!

The best part? After talking with the Etsy expert, they'll email you a list of gifts that fit the description of the person you talked about....AND they even SHIP FREE! Not only that, but everyone who uses the hotline this year will also receive a gift card (as long as you have an account prior to the call!).

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