Which costume wins?

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I love all of the candy, the decorations, and of course the costumes.

This year, I dressed up as the "cool mom" (aka Amy Poehler) from "Mean Girls" for our work Halloween party, and the costume got a lot of attention on social media! For the record, those are water bottle tops - not my actual nipples.

I was thinking, "Wow .... this might have been my best costume yet!" But then, I forgot about this gem.

This ... is my homemade Sharknado costume. It was made from a plant cage, fake snow, spray paint, and toy sharks. I also had a little noisemaker on the inside that I would press for thunder sounds.

So I ask you this, my blog reading friend .... which costume wins for my best one ever?

Sharknado or Cool Mom?

You can find me on the Twitter at IG: RadioShanQuinn

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