5 WORST Halloween Candies For Your Teeth According To Dentists (LIST)

I just went for a dental cleaning today .... yes, on Halloween ... and then immediately devoured some Oreos and candy here at the station afterwards. I can't help it! It was there, and I couldn't be rude and say no....

Don't tell my dentist.

Anyway ... according to others in the industry, these candies are the WORST for your teeth! Basically it's the ones that coat your teeth and cause a build up of bacteria (#gross).

  1. Butterfinger (overrated, in my opinion)
  2. Gummy worms (why do the red and blue ones taste so much better than the rest?)
  3. Laffy Taffy (nasty anyway ... why waste your candy-eating time on those)
  4. Caramel chews (your grandma called, and she wants her candy back)
  5. Sour Patch Kids

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