Milwaukee Brewers NEW Logo Leaked!

Are the Milwaukee Brewers getting a new logo in 2020?

Looks like the Brewers are changing back to the ball and glove logo full-time in 2020. Thanks to a preview of new Topps baseball cards we may have gotten out first look at the new logo.

If you've been watching the team closely in the last 5 years they have slowly been integrating the old ball and glove logo back into both on field gear as well as fan wear. They have mixed it in with new and old color schemes. The Brewers wore the ball and glove logo in 52 of their 162 games in 2019.

The new logo does feature a few minor changes from the classic logo. Firstly the Brewers will keep the dark blue color. Also there wil be a small netting connecting the m and b along with an updated ball in the middle of the mitt. instead of one stitch you will now see two stitches on the ball.

If this is true we would expect an annoucement sometimes after the World Series. Seems like a natural time to make a logo change ahead of the new stadium name in 2021.

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