Hatsgiving benefits kids at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin!

Before I moved to Milwaukee, I worked for one of our iHeartRadio stations in Albany, NY for 5 years. Every year, we would promote this great event called Hatsgiving that was started in 2012 by Jeremy Wernick. He was only 8 years old, and he decided he wanted to do something nice for kids with cancer. Jeremy started Hatsgiving along with his dad where they would collect hats so kids going through chemotherapy could wear them to keep their heads warm.

Since 2013, they have delivered over 11,000 hats to different children's hospitals all over the country! One of the hospitals that has benefited from the hat donations is the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

This year, we have decided to collect hats at any and all of our FM106.1 events and concerts to donate to our hospital right here in Milwaukee. Our goal is to collect 106 hats (FM106 - get it?!) and we need your help to get to that goal!

You can check out all of our events here and drop them off wherever we are, or you're welcome to bring them right here to our station.

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