Shan Found Her Wedding Dress!

"Did you get your dress yet?!"

That's the number one question I feel like everyone has asked me since I got engaged. Even more than, "How did he do it?!" I'll be honest, I was kind of dreading this whole dress-shopping experience because I've never been the type of person to like wearing dresses and really don't like the attention being placed on me. So, trying on a bunch of dresses and having everyone study me, my reaction and how I look in a dress just seemed like not a good idea.

Thankfully, the experience was the exact opposite, and I think it has everything to do with where I ended up going to choose my dress. Yesterday, I took my mom, future mother-in-law, my sister and my sister-in-law to Eva's Bridal in Oak Creek. I felt so comfortable from the moment that I walked in. I knew it was going to be the right fit a while ago because I've been chatting with the owner, Erin, and she's just so real and down-to-earth that I figured, her stores are where I needed to be.

When you walk into Eva's, you immediately see the racks of incredible dresses, and your eyes start to gather which direction you want to start looking in. My stylist, Carrie, was with me every step of the way. We chatted about things that I wanted and things that I really didn't care for, and the best part: SHE LISTENED. She pulled dresses that she thought would fit my personality and explained why she pulled them. She also let me and my "crew" walk around the store and shop on our own for a little bit.

The thing that I was most nervous about walking into the whole dress-buying experience was getting "talked into" a dress that wasn't me. I tried on several dresses that were all beautiful, flattering and looked great on me, but there was only one that I felt was me and was truly what I was comfortable in. Carrie understood that one hundred percent and wasn't trying to push me into any dresses that I didn't want to try on.

So, the experience? Fantastic.

For my guests that came with me: every time I walked out of the dressing room, they were smiling or laughing because they were having a good time. I think the key part to this is the fact that they had SPACE. You know how in some bridal stores, you're dipping into other peoples' appointments because the seating area is so small? Eva's does a GREAT job of utilizing the store's space. Each "waiting" area had a couch, a few chairs and a coffee table, so you had plenty of room for your group to lounge in. It definitely made the experience more enjoyable.

I'd SO recommend for you to try out either Eva's or their sister store in Brookfield, Evermore Bridal. I've been to Evermore a few times for bridesmaids dress shopping, as well as dress shopping for other people. It's more of a "boutique experience" with elevated designers, and it's just a gem of store! The best part about the store locations, too: PLENTY OF PARKING!!!!

I'd love to hear about your experience with Eva's or Evermore if you already got your dress from there! The reason I heard about them in the first place is basically word of mouth...I mean, Eva's started in 1946, so you know it's a trusted brand. Not to mention, Eva's has won several awards, including "Couple Choice Award Winner" on Wedding Wire and The Knot's "Best of Weddings Hall of Fame!"

Check out a few of the photos from my experience (don't worry, my dress isn't in there!), and a little walk-through tour of the lower space:

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