This is the Best Day to Take a Vacation Day

When you get to the end of the year, you're probably like us and have vacation days that you have to "use 'em or lose 'em." Unless, that is, you're lucky, and you're company lets them roll over.

This is when the three of us put our heads together and start asking, "Ok, when are you off? Because I still have three days to plug in." "When are you off? I wanted to take this Monday off." Spoiler alert: It's not often that we're "allowed" to have two of us off at the same time...or at least like it that way because who really wants a one-man show?

Anyways, I stumbled on this article from Travel and Leisure regarding the best time to take off work. Apparently, August is the busiest time as far as travel goes, but when it comes to days of the week, the magazine lists off a few points as to why Mondays, specifically summer Mondays, are the best days to take.

The article goes on about talking why a lot of people use Fridays to have a short week, but think about it: what's often the most despised time of the week? Sunday nights. That's when you start seeing a lot of those memes go up saying, "That time when Monday starts to kick in on a Sunday night..." or whatever it is.

Therefore, having Mondays off can make that Sunday night "blah" feeling go away. According to HotelTonight (booking app that allows customers to make last-minute bookings) says that Mondays are typically 30% lower in rates than the rest of the take a Monday off ESPECIALLY if you're going on a trip! According to, some of the best marktes for great Monday rates include Paris, London, Las Vegas and Chicago...UMMMMM...take an extended weekend trip to Chicago! It's close enough but far enough for you to enjoy that vacation feeling!

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