Get Your Cheese Advent Calendars Here

I don't think we did Advent calendars as kids in my household aside from moving a little wooden star or something like that within a cloth calendar. When I started getting older, I realized that everyone did chocolates or stickers or wines or socks...they have an Advent calendar for everyone. I know Scott's wife does a beer one for him, but it's her actually going out and buying the beer - not purchasing a pre-packaged calendar. He always loves it!

Well, Aldi came out with an Advent calendar that I can get behind... and it involves cheese. Plus, it's only $14.99! They had the calendar last year, and apparently, it was a huge hit! Cheesy favorites include cheddar and gouda. The calendar will be available on November 6th - so you have plenty of time to prepare!

We're also going to throw out the fact that Aldi is selling Barbie and Toy Story calendars this year, too...



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