Help the homeless at Starbucks all October long!

Yesterday I had one of those days where I was on an absolute rampage, so I figured instead of losing my mind over nothing ... I would go grab a basic chick pumpkin coffee at Starbucks instead.

I went to the one on Highway 100 near our radio station, and when I was cashing out, this sign caught my eye.

All October long, Starbucks (all of their locations - I asked the barista working) is collecting socks for the homeless. At this location, they're giving them to Milwaukee Street Angels. They provide food, water, hygiene items and more to Milwaukee County's homeless population.

I know there are a ton of charities you can donate to this month, but I thought this was a really cool cause. I don't know about you (please don't sue me, Chris Lane)... personally I'm not opposed to donating money to a charity, but I'm more likely to donate an item instead.

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