The Most Popular Halloween Candy Per State!

The countdown is on .... we're 30 days away from the greatest holiday of all .... HALLOWEEN!

Don't try to challenge me on this. Halloween is (the pumpkin) king! put out their annual map of the most popular Halloween candy per state.

A couple this year include:

  • Wisconsin - Starbursts (2nd - Butterfinger; 3rd - Hot Tamales)
  • North Carolina - Reese's Cups (2nd - M&Ms; 3rd - Snickers)
  • New York - Hot Tamales (2nd - Sour Patch Kids; 3rd - Candy Corn)

I don't love any of these 3 overall TBH. Reese's, Kit Kats, and Three Musketeers .... now THAT'S a trifecta!

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