Man brilliantly locks up his treats so fiance can't indulge

Oh wow .... I feel this so hard! My former partner used to do this to me all of the time. I would find almost empty containers of dip in the fridge because he didn't want me to know he ate it all by seeing the empty container in the garbage.... and he would eat all of my candy in the snack drawer. I had to start hiding my chips/treats in my bathroom. I know it sounds disgusting - but desperate times!!!

This man in Wales was sick of his fiance stealing his chocolate, so he bought a see through safe with a lock on it that is nestled in their fridge. His fiance, Stacey, posted about it on Facebook and it's gone viral!

I really don't blame him to be honest. I hate the feeling of being excited to go home and eat something, and it not being there!

You can pick one up too on Amazon for $40.

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