Who Should You Tip on Your Wedding Day? How much?!

Weddings call for budget-planning, and while I thought I was good at this stuff, I don't think I've ever crunched numbers more until planning for this day that's still a year away...

With that being said: I want no surprises - or at least avoid as many as possible, so I'm trying to think of every little detail that might cost money. Lately, I've been dwelling on the whole "tip" situation because I keep hearing conflicting opinions on who you should tip and who you shouldn't. Are there any rules or guidelines to this sort of thing? Also, what percentage do you tip?!

When it comes to vendors, this is what we'll be dealing with:

  • Officiant / Pastor
  • Caterer is from the venue
  • Florist (if we can find a good one!!)
  • DJ
  • Photographer

I think that's it...

Any tips when it comes to this awkward situation?!

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