Milwaukee is one of the best vacation cities for your wallet! (LIST)

Trying to plan a trip somewhere fun, but you know you'll be spending a ton in the next few months on Christmas? Well, GoBankingRates put out a list of cities that you can travel to that won't break the bank! They looked at safety, hotel rates, and food/drink cost.

If you take going to Disney World out of it, Orlando, FL tops the list of best vacation cities for your wallet. Our very own Milwaukee, WI takes the 8th spot on the list!

  1. Orlando, FL
  2. Las Vegas, NV
  3. San Antonio, TX
  4. Salt Lake City, UT
  5. Austin, TX
  6. Denver, CO
  7. Phoenix, AZ
  8. Milwaukee, WI
  9. Detroit, MI
  10. San Diego, CA

As for the worst cities to visit when you're ballin' on a budget?

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. New York, NY
  3. Philadelphia, PA
  4. Washington, DC
  5. Los Angeles, CA

Get more and the full lists here!

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