The way you take your coffee reveals a lot about you!

I never used to drink coffee. It grossed me the flip out... but then I was on a morning show and started drinking it with our Dunkin Donuts partnership. I started drinking it with the flavor shots, then went to just cream, and eventually I started drinking it black. I don't drink coffee a lot now (maybe one Starbucks grande Pike Place a week - if that!), but when I do, I go with just a simple black coffee.

I saw this study from OnePoll on how you take your coffee says a lot about you, and I had to laugh about some of them when it came to drinking it black. My favorite was "is a fan of 'Law & Order' " which is basically me to a T (I watch "SVU" every Saturday on ION - don't you dare judge me).

If you also drink it black, according to this study, you love dogs, you're a light sleeper, you're always on time, and winter is your favorite season (no thank you.... give me fall every day!!!).

If you like your coffee with just sugar:

  • You're often on time
  • You're a fan of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"

If you like your coffee with just cream/dairy substitute:

  • You're a fan of "Game of Thrones"
  • You're an extrovert

If you like your coffee with both cream & sugar:

  • You're a fan of "The Big Bang Theory"
  • You're never punctual

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