Christian Yelich Suffers Knee Injury - Out for the Season

Our MVP. Our beloved right fielder, Christian Yelich, experienced a horrid injury last night following Milwaukee's 4-3 win over Miami. He's going to be out the rest of the season due to fracturing his right kneecap after hitting a foul ball off of it in the first inning.

You can tell it took a few seconds for him to register what happened as the replay puts everything in slow-motion, but Yelich collapsed to the ground and stayed there several minutes before limping to the dugout.

Craig Counsell said that Yelich was crushed by the fact he couldn't finish the season (especially being within one game of Chicago), but the manager also mentioned that the team has to move forward, the team has talent, and it just means that everyone is going to have to step it up.

Miami's manager, Don Mattingly, responded with, "You hate to see a player like that get hurt...You don't want to see that happen to a team down the stretch."

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