Are "Save the Dates" Worth It?

Obviously, I know weddings are expensive. YOU know weddings are expensive - whether you're hitched or not, so when it comes to planning one, I'm trying to figure out how to cut corners in every way possible. After conversations with people, I've realized that "Save the Dates" never used to be a thing. Now, that doesn't save that much money, but between the $100-$150 for the actual invitations, and then, you still have to pay postage...that adds up! Here's the thing: I think the majority of the people who would be invited to our wedding pretty much know the date. At the same time, we're always having problems with our guest list, so if something changes, we don't have to worry about the fact that we didn't send a "Save the Date" to someone if we want to invite them anyways.

I'm not particularly fond of skipping "Save the Dates," but I do see the perks. So, my question for you: are Save the Dates worth it?

I also think about the fact that all of these get thrown away. Personally, I like the thick invitation magnets because it's easier for people to hang on their fridges. However, that's an added expense, as well, that isn't really necessary. I just think it's easier for the guests, that way. In other words...they won't "lose" them. BUT - once again - these things get thrown away. Their cute with pictures on them, more often than not,

Any advice? Or advice on if we DO save the dates, what websites should we go through? What kind of paper? Are post cards too risky to getting bent and torn? Those type of things...

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