Shan's Disney Vacation in Pictures

In case you were missing the female voice on the show last week, Shan went on her first vacation with the future in-laws! Shan, Adam and his parents headed out to Disney World (don't worry, they avoided the hurricane and got out in time before closures and bad weather!). This was the first time Shan had been back to Disney since her last family trip a few years ago. There was SO much to do. Between a lua, golfing, going to see Wisconsin play their first game of the season, heading to a few parks and more - they had their hands full.

As far as the parks go, they decided to go to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. I know what you're thinking: WHY WOULD YOU GO DURING THE OPENING WEEK OF STAR WARS?!?! Well, Star Wars opened on Thursday, so we decided to go to Magic Kingdom that day. But, we heard that the first shuttle TO Hollywood Studios that day started at 3AM. The parks didn't really open earlier, so people were waiting in line for HOURS. I had heard that the ride got up to a three hour wait at one point. On Saturday, however, we were able to walk right into the new section of the theme park! We didn't hit the ride because the wait was between 60-90 minutes (just wasn't worth it for how long we were going to be there that day). BUT - we did walk around. I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but this section of the park was INSANE! Super cool. If you get to Disney within the next few months, make sure to check it out.

I hadn't been to Toy Story Land since it opened, so we definitely checked that out, too! I absolutely love that movie. Hands down my favorite, along with Lion King. While we were there, we ran into Buzz, and even Woody. I could only get that "creep" picture with Woody where I threw my phone at Adam while he was walking past and yelled at him to take my picture. The other character in the picture that you might not recognize is Vampirina. She's my niece's favorite, so we had to wave to her from Disney!

Sorry for the out of order-ness of the pictures. Our system isn't my friend right now...

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