Mashed avocado and potatoes are delicious - trust me!

Last week, I had to have a ton done at the Periodontist. I have to be on a liquid/mushy food diet for the next week and a half, and let me tell you ... it gets pretty boring!

I was looking around my house on Sunday in my cabinets to spice things up, and I realized I had an avocado that was justtttttt right on the counter! Isn't that the greatest ever when you find one of those?! I looked up what I could mash that bad boy up with - and surprisingly - one of the suggestions was mashed potatoes. Dr. Oz had posted about how avocado was a great alternative to butter for mashed potatoes. SIGN. ME. UP.

His recipe (in that link above) calls for potatoes, avocados, lemon juice, milk, garlic powder, and salt. I cheated and used frozen mashed potatoes from Trader Joe's (don't you dare judge me, Karen), that perfect avocado, unsweetened almond milk, and garlic powder. I didn't have lemon juice and I'd rather not add salt if I don't necessarily have to. It also gave me an excuse to use my beautiful Kitchenaid mixer.

Holy greatness, Batman .... it was AMAZING! I feel like I'll never eat mashed potatoes again without that precious ingredient added. They were deliciously creamy and the garlic powder gave them a great kick too. This recipe is two thumbs up!!!

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