Jen Lada of ESPN talks about how it's good to fail

Jen Lada started her broadcast career here in Milwaukee covering high school sports, and now she's a feature reporter for ESPN!

As a fellow lady who likes sports, I think Jen is a total bad ass. She's so good at her job, and I love everything she had to say in this week's Women Crushing It Wednesday episode.

My favorite part was how she talked about how it's good to fail. We put so much pressure on ourselves, and in turn, we mess up more than if we just went in with an open mind.

We also talked about balancing work, life, and your family - and how it's ok to ask for help. This is so important to remember these days when we see all of these people on social media who seem to have it all together, and it makes us feel like we're dropping the ball completely. Reminder - there's someone behind that camera who is making it all look perfect ... the person in the picture is definitely NOT doing it all themselves flawlessly. YOU GOT THIS!

Listen to our episode below, or search for Women Crushing It Wednesday under Podcasts on our free iHeartRadio app!

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