Shan's Travel Necessities - What Do You Recommend?

I (Shannen here!) am heading to Florida next week, spending a few days at Disney and walking around a ton everywhere else! While I've been living in my Birkenstocks for the past few years, the tread is basically gone, and they're a bit smelly. I was going to get another pair, but then I thought, if I'm going on rides, I don't want to have to take my shoes off or worry about them sliding around. My friends had been talking about Tevas. I took a look and thought..."really...?" I know that they've been trendy, but the ones with the fun colors and fun straps have a foam bottom, and I wanted something a little more durable. Also, I'm not big on straps going between my toes, including flip flops.

I took the risk and bought the velcro-strap Tevas that look like something my parents forced me to wear back in the 90s (ok, maybe I liked to wear clunky velcro sandals, but I was six...what do you want from me?). Anyways, they're "back in style," and I'm stoked about it because they are SO comfy. I've only worn them for one day, but so far: they're worth the investment.

Here's the realization that I've come to while I asked for recommendations on Facebook: we look for all SORTS of comfy things for vacations that require a lot of "adventure-ing." So, I'll ask for recommendations and give you my suggestions on the following things:

  • Luggage
  • Outfits for planes or car rides
  • Fun gadgets that you can't live without while traveling


I'm still on the hunt! I tried a hard-shell 360 rolling bag that my parents got me for Christmas. I absolutely LOVE it, but I don't remember the brand. The problem is, that it got banged up after my first international trip with it.

Here's the fanny pack that I LIVE by! I got it at Dick's Sporting Goods for like $20, and it was absolutely worth it! Perfect for beach days because it's big enough to hold small bottles of sunscreen, my shades, my snacks...ALL THE THINGS.

I'm on the hunt for a really good (smaller) carry-on bag. Maybe even a duffle, a backpack or a rolly. Also!! If you have stylish and comfortable camera backpack, I'm all ears!


I was never a brand snob, but since I started dating Adam, I've realized that Under Armour has some of the most comfy clothes. The best part is that we're in this day and age where people try to make sweats look a little "fancier." Now, I got pants similar to these (click) with an elastic waistband rather than the button, and they are SUPER comfortable! I use them as "plane pants" all of the time! Eddie Bauer is also great for this type of clothing. Hiking or golf clothes are stretchy, airy and look like you're a little more put-together than wearing sweats.

At that same outlet, I got this sweatshirt because it's airy enough that I won't get hot on the plane, but warm enough if the person next to me decides to put their fan / air on.

If you need great hats for the beach, this is the place to go! They're a little pricey, but the quality is worth it. I've been slowly building my collection since spotting them at a Magnolia Market event a few years ago.

As far as a hat for the plane, I ALWAYS wear dry-fits on vacation. My favorite is my blue hat from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Here's one similar, just a different color.


As I mentioned, I just recently got these Tevas from REI. I've only worn them for one day, but they're SUPER comfortable. Not the trendiest, but I will already recommend them. I've been jumping, walking, running, and they feel great. Not to mention, they're durable and are perfect for a vacation with lots of touring!

In addition, Asics are my favorite athletic shoes to travel (or run!) with. Here's a pair similar to what I currently have.


I don't have any major recommendations on brands, but I love to travel with: a portable charger for my phone, a collapsible water bottle (click here) and my goodr sunglasses.

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