5 Podcasts You Should Check Out For True Crime Week!

I am a HUGE true crime freak. When I'm not working on a Saturday, I've got ION on at home watching "Law & Order: SVU" all day. #BensonAndStablerForever

I've watched basically all the Netflix/Hulu shows and documentaries too, and when I'm at the gym (shout out Princeton Club!) I'm usually listening to a true crime podcast.

This week it's all about the True Crime Podcasts on our free iHeartRadio app, and here's 5 that I've really liked listening to (plus a bonus one at the end that was just posted and that I started this morning during my work out).

First up is "Dirty John". Man oh man ... what a horrible human being this dude is. Basically, it's about a guy who cons women into supporting him financially, and in return he messes them up big time mentally. This podcast blew up so much that Bravo actually picked it up for a series starring Connie Britton & Eric Bana.

"Dr. Death" is one I learned about from the Elvis Duran Show. Straight Nate had mentioned it a few times, and with him being a possible killer himself (kidding) .... I knew it would be good. This guy basically fooled multiple hospitals and patients into thinking he could actually conduct surgeries. This one will pull at your heartstrings when you hear about the disgusting things he put his patients and their families through.

"Cold" was very long, but very twisted in a way that it keeps you coming back. There's so much going on with this one, that I don't even know how to wrap it all up here for you. Basically, this husband & father is accused of killing his wife, and all of his family's secrets come out along the way.

"Atlanta Monster" tells the story of this serial killer, and it also ties in the Zodiac Killer. Both stories will suck you in, and leave you feeling a little empty since we're not completely 100% sure who did it.

#5 is near & dear to our creepy hearts in the office, and that's "Wisconsins". My friends Hannah & Sam and myself started this one a few months ago. We talk about Ed Gein (who Sam's Grandma Sharon lived next door to), the other side of "Making a Murderer" (with Dan O'Donnell from WISN down the hall who has his own podcast that we highly recommend - "Rebutting A Murderer"), and of course Mr. Milwaukee himself Jeffrey Dahmer (with Annie Schwartz that was the first reporter on the scene when Dahmer was arrested, and his defense attorney Jerry Boyle).

And for your bonus True Crime podcast .... just posted on iHeartRadio is "Hit Man". I just started listening to it this morning, and there's only one episode out so far, but I like it already.

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