What Questions Are You Supposed to Ask a Florist?

Everyone has been telling us we're "ahead of the wedding planning game," but I feel like I beg to differ. Because we're less than a year out, I'm worried about getting all of my vendors booked based on availability, especially the DJ, but hopefully we'll get that squared up this week or next! Today, however, I'm talking with a florist...which I really have no idea what to look for.

I'm not set on the company that I'm talking to, but I have had an eye on them for quite some time. My main problem is: I don't know how much I'm supposed to be spending on floral or what's a good deal. I don't want a lot of flowers (as most couples are doing these days, I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of greenery, though), but I at least need 6 bridesmaids bouquets, 9 or 10 boutonnieres and 4 corsages.

So, this is more of like a "conference call" when it comes to meetings. My question for you is: what type of questions am I supposed to be asking?!

I found a few on Pinterest, such as, "How many weddings do you take on in one weekend?" and "Who would I work with directly?" But, I feel like I'm not covering enough.

If you have any question or florist suggestions, please let me know! Below is my kind of style when it comes to flowers!

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