Types of Mail to NOT Throw Away

Have you ever accidentally thrown something away to later find out that it was actually pretty important...? I can't imagine how many times I've thrown bills away or actual credit cards thinking they were junk mail!

We talked about different types of mail you can throw away SAFELY and a few other types of mail that you should probably hold onto (according Reader's Digest).

Things you CAN throw away

  • Bank statements (or just opt out to have them sent to you)
  • Monthly bills (once their paid, there's no need to keep them. ESPECIALLY since we live in a digital age where you can track your payments)
  • Credit card offers (this is just clogging up your mailbox)
  • Coupons...unless you use them and don't use any digital ones
  • Invitations / Thank you cards (after the event is done, of course. No need to scrapbook these!)

Things you should KEEP

  • W-2s and 1099s (for up to 7 years)
  • Pay stubs (unless you get everything digitally...save them for about a month or two)
  • Insurance policies (obviously, you need to reference this stuff)
  • Medical Bills (you should save these for around a year! That way, you know what you've paid)

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