Looking for Bridesmaid Dress Recommendations

We're really cruising along with the wedding-planning process, and I LOVE it. Mainly because I like to focus on little details...and I really want to get to the part where we register for stuff because - FUN!

In reality, we've had to move quickly because I'd say that the average engagement has increased as far as the time people spend planning the wedding; therefore, alot of our vendors could potentially be booked for August of 2020. With that, we've got our venue (includes catering and bar), our photographer, officiant and a few potential options for a DJ (and hopefully a band for cocktail hour if it's in the budget!).

Now, I've been looking at bridesmaids dresses a little bit. I know it's kind of early, but the reason I've been looking is because I 1) want my bridesmaids to be comfortable 2) want them to find something that they like (yes, different dresses) 3) I don't want them to spend a lot of money and 4) one of my colors is really hard to find.

That's where I turn to YOU because you've been so helpful for all-things wedding when I ask, and thankfully, a lot of you are planning your own weddings right now and have up-to-date information! Anyways, our colors are Navy, Green (like an emerald) and copper (light gray spread throughout).

For the dresses, I'd ideally like to have two girls in each main color. "WOAH - YOU CRAZY, SHAN!" Don't worry, I've already heard about my eclectic decision from several people and how it might not look good together. But for now, this is what I'd like.

I'd like the dresses to be long or mid-length. Our wedding is outdoor in August, so a lighter fabric that isn't so fancy is preferred.

Below is what I've been looking at so far, but the problems I'm having are: it's hard to find a navy that's consistent that I like. BHLDN seems to have a navy and a green that I like. It is hard, however, to find a copper-looking orange. I've been looking at Cinnamon Rose and Rust on most color boards from each store, similar to a burnt orange. The dress that I like from BHLDN is perfect, but i'ts going to be too expensive.

I found one at Lulus which is cheaper, but they're out-of-stock for now. Obviously, I will be shopping with my bridesmaids, but I want to give them an idea of what I'm looking for, especially since they'll be able to choose their own dresses.

As I mentioned, the girls can pick any dress. However, bridesmaids dresses can be super expensive, and where I keep finding the colors I like aren't necessarily cheap. I like all of the dresses from BHLDN, but here and here and here are the ones I like best.

I did find one at Lulu's that I like because you can change the shape. They have a navy and a green, but they don't offer an orange color. And it's cheap! See it here.

Anyways, I'd ideally like them to not look so bridal. If worse comes to worst, I'll just have the girls carry copper flowers and stick with the blue and green. Can you offer any insight on where to find dresses? Especially in a copper-ish color? I'm not against store brands, either!

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