4 Fun Things To Do In Milwaukee This Summer!

Milwaukee is just like my hometown (Buffalo, NY) when it comes to the summer ... we love taking advantage of the beautiful weather when we have it!

It can get a little overwhelming at times when you're trying to figure out what to do with friends and family when they come to town .... trust me, I've been there! But I'm here to give you 4 things you can do in downtown Milwaukee to entertain them.

I've teamed up with Milwaukee Pedal & Paddle Tavern (#sponsored blah blah blah), and I loved going on the Pedal Tavern with some of my work friends (when it wasn't so warm out yet - ha!). Daryl was our guide, and he was SO much fun! Not only did we have some adult beverages on the Pedal Tavern, but we also got great drink specials at some of our stops! The only downside of the Pedal Tavern was that the two hours went by WAY too fast!

If you're looking for a great work out with some beautiful scenery, definitely rent a kayak with Brew City Kayak! They're in the same family as Milwaukee Pedal & Paddle tavern. I was hoping to get Kelly Ripa arms (spoiler alert: I don't think it will ever happen for me, but wishful thinking keeps me going!), but instead I just had a really good time. You can choose to do a tour for about 2 hours with your crew, or you can rent them for up to 4 hours.

I always get anxiety when my parents come to town ... like WHAT ARE WE ALL GOING TO DO TOGETHER?!? But alas - MKE Pedal & Paddle Tavern was there for me with a Duffy Boat! They're these adorable and easy to drive electric boats, and my dad was in his glory driving this thing. You get 2 hours to drive it on Lake Michigan (loved taking them by Summerfest) or of course on the Milwaukee River. They also give you ice for your adult beverages on board!

The 4th thing they have going on is the Paddle Tavern! I saw a ton of people on these when we were kayaking, and I can't wait to do it myself! There were a lot of bachelorette parties (with blow up items I can't share with you here because I don't really want to get fired today) on the River, and a couple birthday parties too! Of course you can drink on these, and you can stop along the way at bars on the River!

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